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Tech Safety Group – process safety for fertilizer technologies

Tech Safety Group (TSG) is a specialised consultancy company providing process safety and reliability engineering expertise to operators and EPCM companies in the fertiliser industry. We are part of larger group of independent experts with ammonia, urea, methanol, nitric acid and NPK technologies background:, and Fertilizer Industrial Services.

TSG comprises a team of Ammonia and Urea plant experts and process safety specialists with experience of developing Safety Reports and associated studies for nitrogen fertilizer companies to ensure compliance with local and international legislative requirements (e.g. Seveso III, OHSAS 18001, ISO 31000, UK HSE). Our studies data and inputs are gather from various sources comprising academic and scientific environment as well as field operation and real plant experience during various project phases from design and commissioning to operation.

We offer a flexible package of services, providing cost effective solutions to our client’s needs acting as ongoing support for operation and process safety team during project development or independent consultants for specific project deliverables.

The Idea

Tech Safety Group - an idea is born

The idea behind Tech Safety Group is to increase the quality and accuracy of process safety and plant reliability studies in the fertilizer industry by using the best methodologies applied in the oil & gas industry and to compliment them with extensive practical experience in ammonia, urea, nitric acid and NPK technologies.

What we do

Tech Safety Group - what we do

TSG engineers combine practical experience in commissioning and operation of fertilizer projects with process safety engineering knowledge. They work within projects to design and engineer the required safety systems for an installation to meet the intent of codes, standards and legislation and can provide support for all stages of a project from Concept through to Turnover and ongoing support during Operation.

NEWS and engineers assist fertilizer manufacturers in overcoming their Urea and Ammonia Process Safety Management challenges in an effective and efficient manner, with a clear understanding of the requirements of sound urea and ammonia PSM program design and implementation specifically for nitrogen fertilizer technologies.

Simply speaking, we help operators to answer the following questions:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What systems must we have in place to prevent this happening?
  • Can we make our systems work even more effectively?