Ammonia and Urea Training

UreaKnowHow and Tech Safety Group is working together to develop specific courses related with process safety, environmental impacts and occupational health risks associated with Ammonia and Urea plants. The outcome of this collaboration is:

– Urea and ammonia training: Process Safety in Operation of Ammonia and Urea Plants (5 days course)

– Ammonia Plant Start-up, Operation, Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Safety (5 days course)

Learning outcomes from these courses are:

  • understand the human, environmental and business consequences of poor process safety in Ammonia and Urea plants
  • be aware of and understand the key factors influencing the basis for process safety within the fertilizer industry. This include corrosion, gas leakages, start-up, shut-down
  • understand the hazards associated with process plant and how the risks can be controlled using safety Systems, operation procedures, risk assessment and human factors
  • understand the key process safety requirements at each stage in the life cycle of process plant based on Ammonia and Urea plant ages and technologies
  • understand the ways in which your work depends on the knowledge and expertise of others including Ammonia and Urea hazard identification techniques and presentation of various incidents from the fertilizer industry
  • understand your limitations and know how to acquire further knowledge and understanding of process safety management, introducing of our Fertilizer Risk Register platform and the way how this can enhance your company knowledge by using people experience.