Fertilizer Risk Register

Record your company knowledge, operational and maintenance experiences and expertise

New generations of operators and engineers are trained and formed every year. Young professionals are sometimes overwhelmed by a large volume of information coming from training courses, induction sessions, operating manuals and procedures, shift log books, and of course more experienced operators’ stories, advices and legends.

We’ve developed a system where all this volume of information can be uploaded and linked with specific plant operational risks and troubleshooting. Each plant area, starting from reforming section and ending with storage units, has its own specific risks and mitigation measures. Our system allows to document these specific risks including the prevention and mitigation measures and to upload relevant documentation to support these measures, including operators’ comments and suggestions.

The system is usually maintained by the HSE team and is reviewed regularly when new information is available.


New ideas and knowledge coming from fertilizer professionals

Organizations should also look beyond their own establishment to draw lessons from elsewhere. Investment in loss reduction contributes directly to profits and may prove to be particularly cost effective at times of high competition – it may yield a better return than a similar investment to improve sales and market share.

Organizations that are successful at managing health and safety recognize the business case for health and safety and meet the different, and sometimes competing, demands and expectations of their stakeholders in a balanced way.

Our team of professional engineers gains the experience in various fertilizer projects around the world and can share wealth of knowledge and expertise from the most recent projects.

They support our clients by providing following process safety services:

  • Preparation of Process Safety Risk Register
  • Plant Documentation Review – Engineering & Technical
  • Development of structured and systematic process used to assess and mitigate risks within the design process
  • Identification of process hazards based on client documentation
  • Additional process specific risk identification based on industry specific
  • Identification of additional risk control measures
  • Prevention and mitigation barrier identifications and upload in the Process Safety Risk Register
  • Safety Critical Elements (SCE) Identification and Report
  • Development of clear evidence of corrective & preventive actions
  • Update and Maintenance of Process Safety Risk Register
  • Issue of Project Reports – Monthly

Issue of Design and Operation ALARP Demonstration Report