Risk Review and HAZOP study for Ammonia tank de-commissioning in India

Ammonia specialists from Tech Safety Group (TSG) were involved in supporting Global Remote Pty Ltd. in Mumbai for ammonia tank de-commissioning and inspection for a local fertilizer manufacturer. Process safety and mechanical engineering support was necessary to complete this job. As result of this collaboration TSG has provided the following services and deliverables:

  • De-commissioning and commissioning procedure for ammonia tank
  • HAZOP study input for process and process safety
  • Project risk review and assessment
  • Operation support during tank de-commissioning
  • Mechanical engineering input for inspection and repair works

With the tank being in service for many years, and with limited temperature indication in the DCS due to degradation of thermocouples, special care and attention during de-commissioning and commissioning process must be taken. A detailed procedure has been developed, clearly indicating each step to be followed for a successful completion of this challenging process.