The Idea

Do the fertilizer operators need to increase the quality of their process safety studies?

After analyzing numerous public reports publish on governmental websites we conclude that for many these documents a proper review is required.


It is obvious that some of these reports are done by experience consultants with extensive engineering and design knowhow in oil & gas industry and not so much practical and process experience for technologies specific to the fertilizer industry: ammonia, urea, nitric acid, etc. What is applicable to oil & gas is not necessary applicable to ammonia and urea technologies.

What are the implication?

Just having a safety study for ticking the box, no matter the quality, it’s not enough. In case of a major accident, in a court of law when all documents will be screened and review by expert in process safety and fertilizer industry the fault in identifying the specific risks of this industry will come out. Failing to identify process risks and taking appropriate measures to prevent it will attract legal implications, costly fines and even time in jail.

How can we help?

We can review and update your process safety documentation by bringing our experience from various international projects, using our incident database and technology specific risk registers. We collect plant incidents on daily basis from fertilizers projects around the world from our users from and You can have free direct access to our risk registers developed specifically for fertilizer industry by becoming member of these communities.